There has been a lot of ideologies when it comes to politics. A lot of people see politics as a dirty game.
Some pick little or no interest in politics, others feel it is only meant for the elites, and the few others
view it as government and the laws being made. To many, politics is complicated. Yes it is! But the
purpose of this article is to widen your horizon of understand and knowledge about politics. It is a way
more complicated than you think, yet simple.

POLITICS can be referred to be the art and science of governance.This is to say that politics is the art and
science of all the activities related to governing and administering a nation, group, system, family
and so on. Anywhere people are gathered, regardless of how formal or informal the gathering is, the
number of people in the gathering whether large or small, there is always politics.

However, the definition above implies that everybody, in one way or the other is involved in politics.
Indeed it plays a central role in every day Life. No organization is a political. Any organisation, once there
is bureaucracy, and deals with humanity is necessarily political. Why then do we run away from political
issues concerning the society? Take it or leave it, politics play a very huge role in shaping our society.
POLITICS is simply the process of turning the ideal of governance into reality. It is an instant shift from
ideal democratic governance towards political application. Unarguably, politics shapes governance


To be conscious on what is going on around you:
You should always know what takes place in the society you find yourself in. Know the things going on
around you. For instance, when a new law is enacted in your area, you need to know so you won’t be a
law breaker, even without knowing. Save yourself, save the people around you. Remember, no man is
ignorant of law before the court of law.

Involvement in government:

Yes, you need to have a say in what will happen. This does not necessarily means that you must be
involved in contesting for an electoral position, or active in a party campaign. By allowing your vote to
count, you have actively gotten yourself involved in the process of governance. Each vote makes a
difference. However, your involvement should not end on the election day, you also need to
continuously pay attention to the conversation of political issues, and holding the leaders accountable
for their decisions.

Your child will not ask you what political party were you in, but will ask what you did when you knew the
glaciers were melting.

Involvement in decision making :

Decisions people make affect you life in one way or the other. The decision made by the government is
likely to affect the tax you pay, the value of your income and many others.
Use your professionalism in decision making to impact lives. Save the future.

Enlightenment :

You will have less clearity of governance if you are less familiar with politics. When you lack the basic
knowledge of the complexities that shape your enviroment, society, influence you, your business, your
children, and everything around you, you are in a very fast track of losing you right.


Understanding how process of government (politics) works will open your eyes to know how majorly
government impacts almost every aspect of our lives, how laws are made, and whether they (laws) are
rightly implemented or not.

Your future generations will not ask you what political party you were in, they will ask you what you did
when things were falling apart. Get involved in affairs that matter concerning the governance of your
society for a better tomorrow. And as you do that, don’t forget that people’s political stances differ;
don’t be aggressive, don’t be defensive, don’t attempt to forcefully change everyone’s stance, for your
actions toward politics are what will sink in your children. Make politics entertaining, care about it,
because in today’s world, everything is political.

Remember, the greatest power is not money power, but political power.

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